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In this post, you will learn how you can maximize the efficiency of your email campaigns. There is also a free gift if keep on reading until the end πŸ™‚

Your chances for growing a brand or a small business are slim if you do not keep your customers contact data.

Want a proof ?

Just think about your spending pattern. You will see that 90 to 99.9% it goes to the same businesses over and over again. You might buy something new here or test this new shop there but overall your spending habits will not change dramatically month over month.

Proof number 2

Here are the top 20 reasons for startup failures based on 101 Startup post-mortem. 42% of startups failed because there was no market need for their product. Which means that the remaining startups had a certain market need for their products but customers – for some reasons – didn’t buy.


Now you might say .. ok, so what ?

Well, what you need to do is to keep in touch with your users using the most appropriate channels for them: SMS, Email, Instant messenger, etc.

The Good News

If you own a list with your customers’ email addresses then you’ve got control over your business. No one can steal your list and you move it from an email marketing company (AKA email autoresponder) to another.

How to get the most out of your email campaigns?

Now here are 7 trending strategies in email marketing that will help you get much more results with the same effort:

1- Get Mobile First

According to the web analytics company StatCounter, about 44 to 47% of Internet traffic comes from computers and the rest 53-56% is mobile / tablets. This doesn’t take into account mobile apps usage which suggests that the mobile share is even bigger. So you need to optimize your message for your users who will very likely read it from a mobile device. 74% of people who use phones to open or read email are likely to delete an email lacking proper display*

2- Automate Emails

Dynamic email automation across multiple channels is trending for many years and is set to continue. What do these fancy words mean ? πŸ™‚

Well, for example, if your users click on a link talking about a certain topic inside your email then you can schedule another email to be sent automatically that goes deeper into that topic.

Clicked on a link about topic ABC?
ok, you will get another email with deeper information about ABC

Practical example: you clicked on a link that talks about learning a certain communication skill. Few hours later you will receive a new email with the last content that you posted regarding that specific communication skill. You can do this easily by categorizing your content and scheduling an automated email to be sent with the last content that was written in that category.

A warning, however, don’t overdo it ! :/

If you abuse this strategy, your users will feel harassed and they might un-subscribe.

3- A/B testing

Now you might say .. testing WHAT? Well, we tend to judge of the importance of an email based on the sender and the title. If it’s worth our time then we’ll open it for more. Hence the need to A/B test your email title. Most email autoresponders offer some kind of
A/B testing features.

How to get legendary results?

The legendary marketer Jay Abraham said once that one of the reasons for his success was that he always tests headlines/titles on a small percentage of the audience. Afterward, he sends the best performing variation to the entire audience. The recommendation is to test from 3 to 5 radically different headlines to maximize your chances for finding a winner.

4- Stop your newsletter …

Well … not literally πŸ™‚ but rather stop using the word newsletter to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. It was maybe a good strategy 15 years ago but now people are overwhelmed by emails. Instead, offer them a free gift or a freebie if they subscribe:

  • If you sell kitten products then give them ideas on how to shoot funny videos with their cat … Miaw
  • If you have a blog that talks about dogs then you can offer them free tips for creating a Stress-Free Environment for their dog
  • Any ideas or tips that can help the other persons life get easier can be very effective πŸ™‚

5- Go really HIGH … on videos!

Just by adding a video to an email increases its click-through rate (CTR) by 200-300% *
wow! Also adding the word in the title increases the CTR by 19%
Now know what to do now πŸ˜‰

6- Keep the Quality Content Checklist

So here is a free Checklist for you to boost your results easily :

  • Send updates regularly (max 3 times a week)
  • Keep emails short and avoid lengthy newsletters
  • Keep emails value driven, informative with actionable information
  • Include only salient features in emails and leave a link to the blog/website
  • Send only videos that are no more than 3 minutes long

7- Keep an eye on the analytics

Have a look once a week at least to the email campaign stats so you can understand what works and what doesn’t.

8- Β Freebie time!

I know that you have been waiting for this πŸ˜‰

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