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Get 10x More Traffic than Email*

Leverage FB Messenger to Connect with your audience, delight your customers, and drive new sales. 100% Free training course to master the Next Big Marketing Channel
* ModernApp: average results based on 100 000 messages sample

Why Messenger ?


You Stand Out

Your users receive too many emails. Even if they subscribe to your list they might never engage with you. With Messenger you will stand out

Get 10x More Results

Your message is guaranteed to arrive in your users inbox (there is no Spam folder) and you get on average 10x more traffic than email

100% Mobile Optimized

As opposed to email, your users will receive your messages inside the Messenger app which is 100% mobile friendly. No more email compabitlity issues.

Get Real User Data

You have access to your users public data on Facebook: full name, gender, language, email, etc. So It’s easier to build your contact list

Stronger Relationships

FB Messages are instantaneous so you can make faster customers journeys and build stronger relationships

Sell Inside Messenger

You can sell your products or services and accept payments directly on Messenger without any external app

Messenger is Easy

Opting into Messenger is frictionless and MUCH easier than email. You can also get your users email if needed

You Stay human

With Messenger automation, you can easily add a real human touch to delight your users and keep them engaged

Messenger gives you on average 10x more results than Email campaigns.

Imaging being able of getting 10 times more traffic from your communications with your audience with the switch of a button?
Well, this is real with Messenger and many are reporting the same trends: Manychat, ModernApp, Criteo  

80% of adults and 91% of teens use messaging apps every day*

This means that your audience is psending a significant time every day chatting on their phones. Why not engage with them while they are there ?
*According to a 2018 Facebook study

Email is declining

Your customers are already receiving too much emails and when they start to ignore your messages, then you have reached the level of Email fatigue. Don’t worry it’s commun and happens to almost everyone. So your best bet is to use an unsaturated platform.


There are 2.2 Billion users on Facebook

Your users are already there and every Facebook user has an access to Messenger. This guarantees that your audience will get your message right inside of their inbox instead of the news feed.

Your customers are already there

Today there are more people using the top 4 instant messaging apps than the top 4 social networks and  the trend is set to continue for the future.

Ready to get More Results?

Connect with your audience, delight your customers, and drive new sales. 100% Free training course to master FB Messenger. Click on the button below to get started !